COVID-19 Response Solutions

COVID-19 Response Solutions

Our physician-led services help you provide safer working conditions during COVID.

The Crucialist medical practice provides high-touch, high-quality care for patients across the country. Our providers regularly deliver care at the right setting including on-site or via a true virtual care model.

Crucialist COVID-19 solutions include expert physician-led safety protocols, AI data analysis & tracking, and testing where and when appropriate.

COVID-19 Medical Oversight Framework

Daily Staff Assessments

Our providers create trusted relationships with your team and monitor any need to test or isolate.

Expert Physician Oversight

COVID-19 clinical expertise that includes: management & prevention, laboratory device & testing proficiency, and population health expertise.

Adaptive Testing Options

Testing on-site, at-home, or where appropriate and processed by ultra-sensitive, ultra-specific labs.

Active Program Optimization

Our physician-led team monitors program effectiveness and adjusts in real-time.

COVID Status Memo: 2020-07-19
Latest review of the current testing modalities with regard to usefulness and turn-around time.