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Crucialist Access Membership FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Crucial Care Plan work?

The Crucialist Access Membership is a medical access product that provides easy, cost-effective access to our board certified emergency medical physicians (Crucialists) in two convenient ways:
1) 24/7 virtual care from anywhere, through our Advanced Telehealth service
2) 7 day-a-week hands-on care at our Crucial Care® facility

Unlike conventional “teledoc” services, our Advanced Telehealth seamlessly integrates with our Crucial Care facility and Pathfinder® (our robust care orchestration platform). From the members first contact, through diagnosis, and follow up, our Crucialist Team caringly guides them through the resolution of their medical issue.

Unlike an Urgent Care, our Crucial Care Facility is Joint Commission Accredited and equipped with the following equipment and the staff to render results on site:
• CT Scan
• X-Ray
• Ultrasound
• CLIA/COLA Certified On-site Labs

Unlike traditional “follow up,” our Pathfinder Care Orchestration Platform takes extra steps to guide patients, including scheduling specialist follow ups (when needed, often same- or next-day).

What makes a Crucialist medical doctor different?

Crucialists are board certified emergency physicians, trained to treat a wide variety of medical conditions for patients of all ages, even those with complex medical histories. These emergency-trained physicians have access to much of the same equipment as a typical hospital emergency room, providing plan members access to urgent care and emergency services in a cost-efficient setting, with little or no wait time.

How much does Crucialist Access Membership cost?*

Individual memberships are $56 per month, couples are $96 per month, and family memberships (up to 6) are $126 per month. Care and diagnostics provided by our Crucialists virtually or at our facility have no additional service fees.

Do my employees need to have insurance?**

No. Members do not need to have insurance to join the Crucialist Access Membership.

What if I offer a high-deductible insurance plan?

The Crucialist Access Membership may be a perfect fit for your employees. With a high-deductible plan, they may be spending the first $6,000-$10,000 of healthcare costs out of pocket. If they use the Crucialist Access Membership appropriately, they may see significant savings by accessing our services first.

Will you file a claim to our insurance?

No. Under the Crucialist Access Membership, no claims are processed for our services.

When should members call the virtual doctor before going into the facility?

Members can call our 24/7 access line to be connected to our emergency medicine staff and doctors for medical concerns whenever they come up.

Virtual appointments are provided via phone or web interface. If a diagnosis can be done remotely, prescriptions and follow up care are coordinated by us. If the member needs to be seen or have a test done, we schedule them to our facility, a specialist, or other facility as needed.

What can be treated at the medical facility?

The facility treats major (like an ER) and minor (like your primary care physician) illnesses and injuries with board-certified emergency providers and diagnostic equipment including: CT scan, x-ray, EKG, ultrasound, IV fluids/medicine and accredited labs.

Like an ER, the doctors can evaluate symptoms, obtain lab results, and do a CT scan while you are still present in the facility. We get all of your results immediately.

What if I need a referral to a Specialist?

We are experts in coordinating care. If you need a referral, we will coordinate you to the right specialist. In most cases, we will even make the appointment for you.

Will a Crucialist write me a prescription?

Yes, at the discretion of your Crucialist.

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    *Monthly membership fee as of January 1, 2021.
    **This membership access does not qualify as health insurance.