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Improved Member Care Experiences

We have a 90% Net Promoter Score.

Cost savings solutions and member satisfaction don’t always go hand-in-hand. We understand how hard it can be to get members on board with solutions designed to reduce costs. Members want solutions that don’t limit their network, don’t feel forced upon them, and that make their lives better.

Crucialist Provider Testimonial

“The Crucialist® program helps me see people on the other side of the ER experience. I have one patient with a cancer diagnosis as well as other medical issues. During a visit, I could see he was down. I was able to follow up the next day and he shared that he was feeling overwhelmed. The Crucialist team made his follow up appointments for him, orchestrated transportation to them, and help manage his copays.

The most recent time I talked to him, he was smiling and said things were so much better. We get to look at people in a very holistic way with the main goal of giving people peace of mind. Patients know there is someone who is going to help them heal. This is why I originally went into medicine.”

– Dr. Yorke, Crucialist

Each Crucialist forms a trusted relationship with the member that supports our ability to provide robust downstream care.

We started with providing care first.

Crucialist’s value-based emergency medicine was founded as an evolution of legacy core competency, building and managing freestanding emergency medicine facilities. Our first Crucial Care center redefined emergency medicine in 2007 by taking high-acuity care and making it easily accessible to patients. Our practice allows us to reduce healthcare costs while providing positive patient experiences. Combining high acuity medicine with robust, real-time downstream orchestration, we create savings of ~$1,200 for every patient visit.

We exceed traditional medicine to solve both the clinical and social determents affecting member’s health.

Patients trying to navigate a fragmented, complex healthcare system are left scratching their heads. The resulting consumer-driven care model leaves patients making the decision of where to go and when. Crucialists take this burden from the member during an emergence episode, orchestrating their care to the most appropriate site of service versus leaving them to go to the ER.

Crucialist Member Testimonial

“I would not have been able to make it to my surgery. I don’t have family and the hospital required someone to come and stay. You can’t Uber to this kind of appointment.

My Crucialist was able to send someone to go with me to the surgery. Plus they called periodically to check up on me after. I have another surgery coming up and it’s nice to know I’ll have someone there for me.”

– Sharon, Crucialist Member

Let us show you how we can improve your member’s lives.

    Our Crucialist® data team can create an initial value proposal using your gross ER spend and ER per thousand figures. You can fill out the form below to request a review or contact Howard Teitelbaum at