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Optimizing A Broad Network For Each Member

We orchestrate members to the most appropriate, value-based clinical and social resources.

Rising healthcare costs are constantly being shifted to the members, and traditional cost-savings programs struggle to get members engaged. By creating a trusted relationship with members, Crucialist® care orchestrate members to the most appropriate, downstream provider or community resource to help them solve their acute situation.

Crucialist Provider Testimonial

“Our patient was in the ER multiple times with acute COPD. She was staying on the couch of her chain-smoking children with multiple dogs. After a home visit, our Crucialist was able to identify that these environmental conditions were exacerbating her COPD, causing her consistently seek care at the emergency department. The Crucialist able to orchestrate cleaner housing arrangements. The result was eliminating her need to repeatedly seek care in the ER.

Dr. Hamann, Crucialist

It’s about building a trusted relationships with members.

Crucialist Leadership Testimonial

“After multiple, proactive phone calls and touch points with a member, she finally called our Crucialist at 4:00 a.m. In her own words, she ‘just wanted to see if we were there.’ The Crucialist assured her that we were and thanked her for reaching out.”

– Howard Teitelbaum, Crucialist VP

Building trusted relationships gives us the ability to influence the behavior of high-utilizers. We understand that patients don’t want to go to the ER, and by building trust, we help them understand that they truly have another option.

We maintain a 90% Net Promoter Score with members.

Crucialist brings efficiency to complex care scenarios.

Crucialist Provider Testimonial

“We had a member with a bacterial infection that required surgery. She had a complex medical history and was attempting to coordinate multiple doctors to sign off on her surgery. She had been trying to get the surgery since April and it was now October. I coordinated all the moving pieces and aligned her providers to create a better healthcare plan, resulting in a scheduled surgery.

When we followed up with her, she told us we were ‘the best gift ever.’ That’s the kind of value I enjoy bringing to patients.”

– Dr. Hamann, Crucialist

The Crucialist program works with any network size and with any payor. Our robust care orchestration creates average actuary savings of $1,200 per visit.

Let us show you how optimizing your wide network helps everyone.

    Our Crucialist® data team can create an initial value proposal using your gross ER spend and ER per thousand figures. You can fill out the form below to request a review or contact Howard Teitelbaum at