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The Crucialist Value Proposition

Paid for out of hospital savings with zero cost to members

Crucialist® provides a more efficient care practice for patients, reducing inappropriate utilization of hospital-related services and impacting the costs triggered when members seek care at an ER or FSED site of service. Through data analytics we are able to identify inappropriate utilization patterns, quantify savings opportunities, and recommend proactive engagement strategies.

Quantified savings opportunities come from your claims data

We work with benefits consultants to quantify savings opportunities from claims data. Data analytics allows us to identify shared, targeted savings goals. We create agreed upon risk rules and design a plan that keeps us accountable to your savings.

No cost to members

The Crucialist practice is aligned with value creation and not fee-for-service. Members receive 24/7 access to emergency medicine providers at no cost. This model allows us to influence patient behavior, creating actuary savings of ~$1,200 per patient visit.

Tracking and usage and providing care in real-time

Crucialist create a trusted member relationship. As patients realize they have easy access, the Crucialist is able to address the member healthcare usage before a claim is even made. This type of access gives us the unique ability to not only work with high utilizers, but to predict which members may become high utilizers and help them navigate the healthcare system to solve their acute needs more efficiently. It also gives us the ability to report to you where our efforts become real savings.

Let us create an initial cost-benefit analysis for you.

    Our Crucialist® data team can create an initial value proposal using your gross ER spend and ER per thousand figures. You can fill out the form below to request a review or contact Howard Teitelbaum at